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Get Ready....GO

March 30, 2022 Tina Episode 50
Life's Seasons Speaks
Get Ready....GO
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Get Ready....GO

Motivational "get up" message.

Our alarm clocks are going to keep going off day after day.  We can make excuses or we can get up.  We keep saying things like "I'm not ready" but some days we just HAVE TO BE,  no matter what - but if we insist on saying "I'm not ready", we better be clear on what we aren't ready for - this message will help lay that out.  And we've got to get this figured out so we can get ready... and GO

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Monday is going to keep happening.

You’re going to keep hearing an alarm go off at silly o’clock in the morning weekday after weekday after weekday and you’re going to have to do something about it.

You do have choices.  Don’t think for a moment that you’re a victim to your alarm clock.  You can hit snooze.  You can grab a few more minutes and try to make up for them later.

You can lay there and contemplate if you really need this job or not.  Do that math and figure out you can afford about 30 more seconds of unemployment before you better get in that shower.

You can greet the sound of your alarm everyday if you want, and let it know your dark secret… that you’re not ready.

That’s what happens day after day in bedrooms all over the planet.  Horrible noises ring out to tell us to wake up and get back out there and we keep, either audibly or just in our head, replying with the answer that we are not ready.

We think we are saying that we aren’t ready to wake up.  Not ready to move and think and process important decisions, like breakfast and clothing.

We think we are saying that it’s just too early to have to do the things especially before drinking the coffee.

And it does, it does FEEL that way.  I know that we are tempted morning after morning to just lay there and see what happens.  And it feels like a vicious cycle.  Cause no matter what we want, think, or wish, we’ve got to get up.

What are our reasons?  They’ll matter.  They’ll help.  

If your mama needs you, your children, your partner… whoever might need you, 

Get up.

We can’t tell them you’re not ready.  You have got to be ready.

Your why’s will help you get up, but you can’t just keep looking on the outside for what is going to help you get up on the inside.  Use them to help you but keep looking inside for the deep reasons as to why you need to get up, and why you can’t keep saying I’m not ready.

Remember what we said in our episode about being on a journey.  What we look for matters.  Because that will be what we find.

Are you looking for reasons to get up?  Or are you looking for reasons that back up the excuse that you aren’t ready?

Remember you’ll find what you look for, so be very specific on what you go looking for.  Is it the problem with getting up that you keep finding?  Or would getting up solve a problem or two?

I don’t blame you at all for being tired when your alarm clock goes off.  I am too.  And I don’t have judgment towards anyone who hits the snooze button.  But if you turn your alarm off and decide to lay there and miss everything today had for you?  That’s your fault.

The alarm went off.  And maybe you didn’t feel like you were ready, but you needed to do it anyways.

I know I need to get up anyways.  And when I say I’m not ready, I’m not physically tired.  I’m emotionally drained from what it takes to keep doing what needs to be done.

So how do I learn to say I’m ready, and mean it and get up and going?

Cause this is not just about an alarm clock.  This is about life.  I get knocked down.  I get hit with things I didn’t see coming.  I literally wasn’t ready for them.  

And it’s not even my fault that I got knocked down.  Wasn’t anything I did wrong.  Couldn’t have prevented it.  But either way, I’m still down now.  

That is not my fault.

That is not your fault when life happens at you, and you get knocked to the ground.  If that has never happened to you, it will.  It’s normal.  

There is no shame in being knocked to the ground.  That has nothing to do with you doing something wrong.

But if you get knocked to the ground and you stay there??? That has everything to do with you.  That is your choice.  That is, you turning off the alarm and saying I’m not ready.

We have to get up.  We have to be ready.

You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to do it without help. You don’t have to do it pretty.  But you have to get up.  You have to be ready.

If you woke up, you are still in the game.  If that alarm got you roused and you opened your eyes, you’re not done.  If you heard that noise that you hate so much, one more time, you are still here for a purpose and a plan and today was still meant for you.

You might hate the sound of your alarm, but it’s a reminder of more than the time.

It’s a time and a space, that belongs to you.  It’s your reminder that it’s time for your life to be something again today.

Get up.  Get ready.

That deep breath you inhaled and exhaled as soon as your alarm went off, that was your first gift today.  Use it well.

Don’t overthink there in bed.  Don’t over analyze.  Get your butt up.  It’s time and you’re ready.

All you need to know right in that moment is that there is only one way to lose today, and that’s to quit.

If you don’t decide to lay there and quit, then you already winning.  Just keep going.

Be mad if you have to.  Cry if you must… all the way to the shower.  But keep going.  Keep moving.

Today we are getting up.  We.  Are.  Ready.

Here’s the thing with this phrase, “I’m not ready” … if you’re going to keep using it, let’s at least start using it in a way that works.

I’m not ready.  I’m not ready to be in this same place a year from now.  I’m not ready to answer to myself why I didn’t take the chance, take the leap, and try.

I’m not ready to sit in the same chair and look in the same mirror and look back at the same person some time from now and explain why we haven’t changed at all.

I’m not ready to tell myself that I’m sorry that I never got up again.  I’m sorry that I laid there scared, sad, and tired.  Yes, I did have what it took, but I kept saying I wasn’t ready.

I am in fact not ready to find myself in years to come wondering why I didn’t try to write to book, share my idea, paint the wall the bright colour I loved, or wear the crazy hat.

I’m not ready to wonder what it could have looked like if I had dared to take the risk and do the things and dream the dreams to plan the goals.

I’m not ready to tell myself that my dreams were never important and that I should have never had them.

I’m not ready to tell my kids to do as I say and not as I do, or don’t do, because I was never ready.

I tell my kids that I hope one day they come to the end of their life completely empty.  I tell them that I hope they use up all their hopes and dreams and plans and wishes and goals and that they do not find themselves carrying around chances, opportunities, or possibilities.

No more waiting for tomorrow.  That alarm clock went off this morning.  For a reason.  It’s time. 

And you’re ready.  Go.