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What The Blind Man Saw

June 26, 2022 Bob Acs Episode 65
Life's Seasons Speaks
What The Blind Man Saw
Show Notes

What A Blind Man Saw While He Was Sitting By The Road

It's Not What You Look At That Matters; It's What You See

Join in for another Soul Soothing Sunday and listen as Pastor Bob looks at Luke 18:35-42.  Within this passage, Bob pulls apart the importance of what was seen throughout.  He looks at:

  • What A Blind Man Saw
  • What A Crowd Saw
  • What Jesus Saw

From there, Bob then goes into the healing of the blind man.  How was he healed?

Sure, physically... but it was more than his eyes.

-It was also spiritual
-And emotional
-And social

… And it even touched a crowd

Jesus is into the whole of a person and not just one part  And we can be too  We can bring healing to people we take time to notice and be present with.  

MUSIC:   Always With Me Always With You by ZakharValaha

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