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Slaying Giants

August 17, 2022 Tina Episode 74
Life's Seasons Speaks
Slaying Giants
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Slaying Giants

Are you in a position of leadership, mentorship, influence?  Are you afraid that you might not be cut out for the job?  Today we talk about being in these positions, but them not being the real deal until we move from being put into that place, to accepting it, and TAKING THE LEAD.

What does it mean to take the lead?  What do you have to do? 
One of the biggest things we will do is slay giants... slay those gigantic obstacles that stand in our way.   How do we know we are capable of slaying giants?  We'll find out - today! 


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Shout out to my sister-in-law who just not too long ago positioned into a new job.  She’s become the executive director of a fantastic agency who does amazing work within our community and beyond into the county surrounding us.

And I’ve got to tell you, that I have heard several people respond to this news with phrases such as, “of course.  That makes sense.  She was the right person for the job”.

And they are not wrong.  I do not disagree with them at all.  But something about that phrase, leaves out so much of what it took to get there.  Can I tell you and she would agree and back me up… she was not born an executive director.  She may have been born to become one.  But there was a journey to get there.  There was a lot of becoming on the way to where she is now.

And I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Not just about Michelle in her new job, as exciting as this is and as excited as I am for her… but in the whole idea that many people see us where we are… but they forget that it took a journey to get here.

The same goes for us looking at others, where they are now.  We have to keep in mind that it took a journey to get there.  There is a process of learning and making mistakes, and unlearning, and learning again, new things, in the becoming of who we are.

Nowhere, do we see a successful person in a position they were handed, but not prepared for.  

But let’s take notice of something important.  We notice when people are positioned into new placements in life.  Shifts happen.  Changes occur.  We notice.  But we usually believe that it’s because they were given their new roles.

Something we pay lesser attention to, but I think we need to take greater notice of, is in the action of that transaction.  Because we can be offered or even handed a new position.  But it doesn’t come into effect until we ACCEPT it and TAKE it.  

Especially in any leadership position.  And remember, this is not just about work.  You may be a leader in your family in your home, friend group, circle of influence, your job (even without the title of a leadership role).  You may be a leader at school, in your church, or in a group or a club.  And whether that’s just who you are in your personality, or the official role you’ve been handed… you are not really in the position until you accept it AND TAKE THE LEAD.

When you take the lead, that’s when it is truly your position.

Because let’s be honest, we can be given a leadership role… we can find ourselves in a leadership role, but still not be a leader.  We can sit in the chair at the desk that holds a name plate with a title associated with it indicating a leadership role and still wonder if we can do the job.  We stand on a stage having been introduced as the head of an organization, leader of the conference, or keynote speaker and wonder if we have anything to say worth listening to.

We can have our names or faces plastered out front indicating we are the face and leader of whatever it is that’s going on, and still wonder if we are going to be able to pull this off.

We can sit at our kitchen table late at night after everyone has gone to bed and wonder if we are going to be able to keep this ship from sinking.

Because being put into a position doesn’t make it real.  The chair you sit in, the desk you pull up to, the stage, the poster, the business card, the title of mom, dad, homeowner, bread winner… all of those make no difference to how you lead… UNTIL YOU TAKE THE LEAD.

Sometimes people look at the enormous responsibility we carry, within our roles and label us as “blessed”.  Because they see the perks of the role first.  The position brings with it a nice salary, a car, the stage, recognition, your own home, influence.  And yes… what a blessing.

But all of that is also tremendous pressure.  Getting somewhere is one thing.  Staying there is another.  Acquiring lots of balls to juggle is one thing.  Keeping them in the air is another.  

But this is why it’s important to recognize and acknowledge and remember the journey of getting to where you are, the journey and all the experiences along the way that brought you to where you are.  Because when you see all of that journey as to why you qualify to be where you are… when you read all the past mistakes and lessons and growth combined, that reads like a resume to qualify you for where you are.  And when you can read that resume and see that you are where you are because you became along the way, you can step into your role and TAKE THE LEAD.

And you take the lead in this place over all the wondering you’ve been doing.  I wonder if I can do the job.  I wonder if I have anything to say worth listening to.  I wonder if I can pull this off.  I wonder if I can keep this ship from sinking.

What does your resume say?  What do all the experiences of your life until now prove?

Because if you are standing here, in the position you are in, as any kind of influence in someone’s life, then you know you have what it takes to overcome giants.  Gigantic hurdles, mishaps, mistakes, detours, and down right pitfalls.  You’ve faced them before and became a giant slayer.

So, as you stand where you are now, facing this new position that comes with it new giants, you read that resume where in bold letter is says “GIANT SLAYER” with example after example.  

You look at the situation you are in, the circumstance you are facing, and you realize this needs a leader.  This needs a leader who can slay giants.  My resume reads like I’ve done it before and actually you know what, I’m good at it.  It’s not just that I can do this… I’ll TAKE THE LEAD.

And let the first giant to fall, be DOUBT.  Let it land hard.

Because there will be other giants standing behind doubt.  They like to travel in packs.  You’ll also see fear.  Insecurity likes to hang out with them.  Frustration, overwhelm, more buddies.  They will come your way even though doubt has fallen.  

But that’s ok.  Let’s pull your file and take a look at that resume again.

Yep, I can see it right here.

It says that you have in the past also faced off with similar giants going by the same names.  You have in fact had times before where you were scared, insecure, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  Says here that you took their names and kicked their butts and then, what’s this say, oh yes, wiped the floor with them.

Very nice.  Very impressive.

Ok then, I think that yes, you are the right person for the job.  And it more than makes sense.  It’s more than the fact that you just “fit” in this spot.  It’s not because you’re available.

Over the years, through your experiences, you’ve become exactly what this job is looking for, needing, waiting for.

The job is yours.  Will you TAKE THE LEAD?

Somebody listening today is standing in front of a giant right now.  You can hear me.  Your ears are tuned into my voice.  But your eyes are locked on to the giant in front of you.

One of you is waiting for the other to make a move.  I have news for you.  Giants are lazy.  They are not going to move as long as you don’t.  As long as they can keep you locked where you are with just a gaze, they aren’t going to make a move.  Cause their goal isn’t even to take you out.  Cause again, remember, they are lazy.  They don’t want to fight.  Takes too much energy.  They just want to keep you stuck.  They just don’t want you to make a move.

So, I’m encouraging you today.  I’m cheering from the sidelines for you “make a move, make a move, make a move”.  Cause that’s all it’s going to take.

Between you and the giant, someone has got to make a move.  They don’t have to if you don’t.  So do it.  Take the lead, make the move.  It won’t be the first time.  Remember when you’ve met a giant like this before?

It’s on your resume.  I saw it.  Different circumstance.  Different situation.  But it had the same name.  And you made a move.  You took the lead, and you took it down.

Do it again.

Who else is sizing up a giant?  Read your resume.  Take the lead.

Announce your leadership to the giant.  Tell them, “Not my marriage, not my kid, not my business, not my joy, not my confidence.  Whatever you came here to keep me from, watch me, I’m about to make my move.  I’ll take the lead.  Oh, and you should know, this is your last chance to flee, cause I’m not just a leader, I’m a giant slayer and you, be looking too big for comfort in my life”.

Don’t let that giant stay there any longer, standing on your hopes, your dreams, your goals, your destiny.  Make a move.  Take the lead.  Take that giant out.

That giant may be big, but it is not bigger than what you were born to be, and what you have journeyed to become.

Listen, this is not even personal.  This giant is not here to personally destroy you.  This giant just wants to stop what you can do and what you are becoming.  What you have been through, what you have survived, what you have learned from… that is all stuff that makes you the right person to lead in the position you are in.  It is what gives you something to say, something to share, something to teach and something to model for others.  That’s what the giant want to destroy.

The giant wants to stop you from showing others how to also become what they were born to become.  They want to stop you from getting to the people that only you can help.  That will only listen to you.  That will be in places that only you can go into.

And if they can keep you from making a move, taking the lead, and doing all this sharing and teaching and modeling, the giants in those other people’s lives are safe.

Look, I am so impressed that your resume says, “giant slayer”.  But let’s not build on that resume and add to it, “giant slayer trainer”.

Your giant, the giant of those you are training to be slayers, those giants are only as big as your fears will allow them to be.  They are only as big as your self-doubt will allow it to be.  So, make a move on those ones first.

 Somebody today has got to realize right in this moment that their giant is at their mercy.  You are not at the mercy of the giant.

Size up your giant.  Run up on it.  Make your move.  Take the lead.

Ask you giant “do you know who I am?  Do you know who I’ve become?  I’ve gone through hell and come out the other side?  Your buddies have already tried to stand in my way.  And I’m still here”.

And you can say this because of your resume.  All those things that looked like proof as to why you shouldn’t be taking the lead, that’s what was preparing you to take the lead.

We are grateful for the pain.  We aren’t grateful for the wounds.  They shouldn’t have happened.  But they did.  So, we will use them now against the giants.  Those experiences will not be in vain as just what hurt you.

They will be what you use to hurt giants.

You have been prepared for this.  Your journey has prepared you for this.  You were born to become what you are, in this position to take the lead.

You were always going to be someone who could take the lead.  Always.

Before you took your first step.  Before they hurt you.  Before they rejected and abandoned you.  Before your marriage fell apart.  Before you filed for bankruptcy.  Before your heart broke when you lost them.

Your resume doesn’t prove why you shouldn’t have the job.  Your resume proves why it makes sense that you are the right person for this position.  We don’t need book smart here.  We need life experience to take the lead, to face giants, to slay giants, and create giant slayers.

Will you do it.  Will you make the move?  Will you accept this position and take the lead?