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Exhausted Yet Still In Pursuit

September 07, 2022 Tina Episode 78
Life's Seasons Speaks
Exhausted Yet Still In Pursuit
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Exhausted Yet Still In Pursuit

There is an "exhaustion" that requires resting, relaxing and unwinding to restore us. 
But there is also an "exhaustion" that happens when we are pursuing what is  ahead.  That is a season where we endure because we are in pursuit of the next season.

Join Tina today as she talks about what it is to be Exhausted Yet Still In Pursuit.  What does that look like?  What does that feel like?  How do we know if we are to keep going... or rest?

We'll find all this out and more, today, on Life's Seasons Speaks. 


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Exhausted and yet still in pursuit… I read these words the other day, while reading a story and they jumped off the page at me.

It was like all of a sudden, the season that I’m in, had a name.  It had a description.  It had language.  And it takes all those words to make it accurate. Exhausted and yet still in pursuit

Because you know, it is quite common to have several people a day ask you, “how you are doing?”  And we do a lot of things with this question.  We normally answer it, but how many details we include, usually depends on who is asking and… how you’re actually doing.

I know for me personally, my most used answer is “good, how are you?”  It’s a quick shift.  It’s saying “oh, let’s not even get into me and my craziness, lets flip this real quick and ask you how you are.  

And their reply is normally much the same… oh not too bad.  And there is the polite exchange complete. Right?

And we know that we aren’t being completely honest.  But that question is seldom looking for your honest answer.  It’s just another way of saying “hello, my eyes recognized you and you saw that I saw you and now this is what we say next”.

But we know that doesn’t sound as cute, so we say, “hey, hi, how are you?”

And we say good, or fine, or not too bad because that sounds better too than more accurately telling someone about the fears you been fighting, the anxiety you been battling, the heaviness you been carrying, the frustration you’ve been overwhelmed with.

And if you had to sum all that up and be honest, with one word, you’d probably agree that “exhausted” feels about right.

I’m tired in this season.  There is so much going on and still so much to do too.  There are really hard things, there are exciting things, there are mundane things that just need to continue as well.  You know, like no matter how tired I am of making supper, people still be hungry in my house.

So, I keep making supper.  And I keep showing up to work.  And I keep vacuuming.  And I keep planning for exciting changes that are unfolding.  I keep doing the dishes.  And I keep writing notes and reports and emails.  I keep doing the laundry and I keep laughing, and crying, and yawning, and smiling, and freaking out, and freaking in, and talking, and thinking….

ALL of it.  I keep doing ALL of it.  Like most of y’all keep doing.  And we are doing it feeling all the feels there are to feel too.  The excitement and the fear and the apprehension and the enthusiasm and anticipation.  All of it is present.  And all of it can make us feel exhausted.

But if you ask me how I’m doing, it is still not accurate to just say that I am tired.  So tired.  I can’t tell you that I am exhausted and just leave it at that.  Because it is so much more.

Exhaustion often implies that we need and want a break, a rest, a time out.  But that’s not this season for me.  I don’t want to call a break.  I don’t need to stop and rest.  I don’t want to take a time out.  I am exhausted in all the ways that one would be when one is in pursuit.  

Now look, I am aware that in the past I have been completely exhausted, but it wasn’t in this way we are talking about today, as being in pursuit – of following after something, of chasing, of working to obtain.

I have on occasions, been totally exhausted, merely because I could not mind my own business.  I would get wrapped up in everything that was going on around me.  It wasn’t for me to fix but I thought I could maybe fix it.  It wasn’t for me to speak into, but I thought I had something to say.  It wasn’t for me to do anything, but I set about being a busy body in a place a had no place to be in.

Am I speaking to anybody today?  Is anyone ready to shut off this episode because you already got something that you can take to the bank today?

Sometimes we are exhausted simply because we will not mind our own business.

Yes, it’s a thing.  And I have been there, done that.

But in this season, I find myself in now, I am exhausted, but I don’t have the time or energy or extra effort to be poking in anywhere else but where I find myself, on purpose, and in purpose.

There is much going on and much coming down the track and I am excited for it all.  I am in pursuit of what is coming.  But it is taking much organization and shifting and change.  And change itself can be exhausting.  But it feels different to know that this tiredness is because there is a relentless hope for what is to come.  And I’m not just waiting for it.  I’m going after it.

Often, we paint a picture in our head when we hear the word exhausted.  We see someone who just lost a tennis match.  They are dripping with sweat.  And tears.

We see someone who has collapsed and just can’t finish the race.

We don’t remember that the years of training, the practice, the effort to get to where they are now… it’s exhausting.

A runner who ran 9.5 km of a 10 km race before collapsing in exhaustion, they still just ran 9.5 kms.  It’s not about getting to exhaustion and then losing.  Winners get exhausted.  People in training get exhausted.  Successful people get exhausted.  Strong people get exhausted.  People who put out high effort, get exhausted.  These people are chasing something.  They are looking to obtain the medal, the achievement, the success, the win.  They are in pursuit.

This is not about being weak and tired.  This is about chasing something you want.

This “exhausted” is about not quitting in a season that is full of pursuing the next one.

This is about saying yes when all you want to do is say no.  This is about getting up again when you want to stay down.  This is about meaning what you say and saying what you mean.  This is about believing past what you can see.  It’s about trusting past what you feel.

There is a season of exhaustion that is about resting and restoring because of the season you just came through.  But today I am talking about the exhaustion in a season that is about the effort it is taking to get to the next one.  The rest will come.  The restoration will come, but its not here yet.  It’s part of the next season perhaps.  I would bet so.  But we are not there yet.

We are still in pursuit.

This exhausted is what I imagine in a triathlon.  We have already done a lot of swimming.  We then climbed out of the water and jumped on a bike.  We biked and biked only to get off knowing it’s a run left that separates us from that finish line. And we want it.  We want it so badly.  We have trained for this for soooo long.  It’s been hard.  There has been setbacks and injuries, recoveries, and more setbacks.  But we kept going.  Because we knew there was a race coming and we wanted to win.  

Maybe we have the goal of being #1.  Maybe we just want to prove that we can finish it.  Either way, we can see the finish line.  We want to cross it more than anything.

We hurt, we are sweating, our muscles are screaming at us to just stop.  But we can’t.  We are exhausted from what it has taken out of us this far, but we are in pursuit of that finish line.

We will endure this exhaustion and keep pushing because we want what’s up ahead.  We endure what it is, for what is coming.

That is hope.  That is faith.  That is pursuit.

But let me say that line again I just said a minute ago.

We will endure this exhaustion and keep pushing because we want what’s up ahead.  We endure what it is, for what is coming.

We will endure this exhaustion and keep pushing because we want what’s up ahead.  We endure what it is, for what is coming.

If you can say WE, then you are going to make it.

I am in the season I am in, exhausted yet still in pursuit… but I am not alone.  I happen to have special people in the same season I am in, right alongside me.  WE are having much the same experience.  The details may look different.  But WE are similarly enduring what it is, pursuing what is coming.  And I am going to make it because WE are doing this together.

If you don’t have someone going through what you are going through, but you have someone you can call about it… and they listen… you still have a WE.

If no one understands what you are going through, but they care about how it is affecting you… you still have a WE.

You need a WE.  You deserve a WE.

We need to know that we are not alone.  Especially when we are exhausted. Because exhaustion will tell you things that aren’t true.  Exhaustion will tell you its too hard.  Its too uncomfortable.  Its too much.  Exhaustion will tell that you cannot do this.

You need another voice to say yes, WE can.  Yes, WE will.  You need this so that in the next season, you can hear them say yes, WE did.

You have to keep your eyes on the prize.  You have to see what is coming and sometimes when we are exhausted, our eyes want to close for a minute.  They want to take just a little nap.  Our people, the ones that make it a WE, they say go ahead and have a minute.  I can see it.  I’ll keep watch.  Come on back in a few minutes.  I’ll be here.  Then WE can keep going.

You want to know what it is that you should be pursuing?  You wondering what it is that should have you continuing to chase?  You not sure what the next season could have you enduring like this for?

Whatever you haven’t got yet, and whatever isn’t finished.

What has you exhausted?  Yes, that’s an important question.  Because you don’t even know if this exhaustion is yours to endure if you don’t ask.

Because again, if it’s you trying to be a part of other people’s business, that will be exhausting with no new season on the horizon.  If you fix what you set out to fix outside of your lane, you won’t see a pay off in your life.  You’ll just end up jumping lanes into someone else’s again.  The race won’t ever be finished.  There is no finish line in that life.  Exhaustion is inevitable because it’s not your race.  You can’t win.

But if you have any dream, calling, purpose or promise in your life that has not been fulfilled… you’re not done.  If you are fighting a battle and you haven’t seen the end of it yet, you’re not finished.

This exhaustion is for you to endure because there is unfinished business that you deserve to see finalized.

Still fighting an illness?  Still sick?  You’re not done.

Still fighting for your marriage?  Don’t see results yet? You’re not done.

Still waiting to see the fruits of your labor?  Hasn’t paid off yet?  You’re not done.

Still addicted?  No relief?  You’re not done.

You cannot get to a place of being tired and decide that this is it.  You cannot settle knowing you tried but then you got tired so there will be no victory.  You can’t do that.

Please don’t do that.  I don’t know who needs to hear this really clearly, right this moment… but I’m going to say it again because you know if it’s you – 

I know you are tired.  Beyond tired.  You are exhausted.  Mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted.  But if your life is not what you want it to be… you’re not done.

There is a new season.  It’s going to take some more effort.  And I know you didn’t want to hear that because you’re sure you don’t have anymore… but I’m telling you that you do.  You might have to just trust me on that.  But there is a new season coming.  That’s the thing with seasons.  They keep changing.

This may feel like it’s been a LONG HARD season.  But it cannot last forever.

Ask yourself what you need in this last leg of this race, in this season.

I know you need a WE.  Either a friend, a family member, or a professional even.  Call a crisis line if you have to.  Get your self back to your friend circle, your church, your group, your AA meeting, your Dr. appointments, your counselling sessions – whatever it was that gave you your WE.

Maybe you’ll be using all the rest of your effort and energy in this leg to reach out for the very first time.  Do it.  You’re worth every ounce that will take out of you.

I know you’re exhausted but you are not done.  It is not finished.  We will endure.  We will pursue and we will not stop chasing what we are after until we obtain it.

Wondering if you’re chasing something to big?  What’s that saying?  ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars”.

There is nothing good that you don’t deserve if you are willing to become exhausted from what it takes to go after it.

There is no way you can be this dedicated to something better, and not get something better.  There is no way.

That’s like saying I’m going to work so hard to get straight A’s in college this final year.  I want to graduate with a 4.0.

And you graduate with a 3.97.  All of that effort and hard work… all of the endurance and pure exhaustion at some points on the way and you didn’t graduate with a 4.0.

You graduated college!  You shot for the moon, and you landed in the stars.  Congratulations. Well done.

If you know there is more for you than what you’re living right now, then you’re not done.

If you are exhausted today, then let’s agree and declare together that:

WE are exhausted, yet still in pursuit.

I’m gonna work hard to stay in my lane, but please know that I am cheering for you so loudly as you continue to run your race.  Exhausted, but still going for that finish line. I am a fan.  I’m rooting for you. 

And until next time we get to meet back here together, I’ll say good-bye for now, and we’ll speak again soon.